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Autumn Dinner on the Flower Farm

An Experience from Benoo Berlin and Mayda Blumenfarm

Event Description

The afternoon begins with an educational tour of the Mayda flower farm in Berlin-Pankow. The 1200sqm flower field is hidden behind an old chapel in the midst of a cemetery. You will learn about the slowflower movement - current season's flowers, sustainable growing techniques and how to harvest. Afterwards, you can move through the flower fields and harvest your own flower arrangement. Take in the beauty and calm of the field and let time stand still for a while. 

Round out the event with a mix of sustainable cooking workshop and dinner party in the greenhouse. Using Benoo's vegetarian meal kits, we will prepare seasonal recipes curated by experienced chefs using locally sourced ingredients from Berlin and Brandenburg. During the preparation, our chef will give you tips on how to consume sustainably and reduce food waste and packaging waste. While eating together, you can exchange with other attendees and admire the freshly picked bouquets of flowers.

Autumn Dinner on the Flower Farm

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What You should know about the event

  • Take a Piece of the Farm Home

    The price includes the harvest of about 35 flowers, which you can take home nicely packaged, as well as a vegetarian dish and a drink.

  • No Tools necessary

    We will lend you scissors and buckets for harvesting.

  • Transporting your Flowers

    If possible, bring a container with water so you can safely transport your flowers after harvesting. Or simply a towel that you can dampen on the farm and wrap around the stems.

About the Partners

Benoo Berlin

Benoo Berlin

We are Benedicte and Ori, co-founders of Benoo, but also 2 friends with the same problem when we arrived in Berlin with our families. Actually, we really struggled to find local and affordable products near us and we discovered that we are not the only one looking for sustainable food. So we created Benoo (simply an amalgam of our names) in 2019. We focused on all what mattered to us, some good produce from near us, full of nutrients. We therefore were able to remove any form of plastic packaging.

Mayda Blumenfarm

Mayda Blumenfarm

Mayda Blumenfarm is Imke and Reuben, a couple and family feeling a deep connection to nature and the earth we inhabit. With our urban flower farm we found a way to share this connection with people around us while cultivating beautiful cut flowers that will warm your heart and soul. Our flowers are grown without using any pesticides or other harmful substances. We use techniques that respect all the little animals that come to visit or inhabit our little piece of land.


Dietzgenstraße 158, 13158 Berlin, Germany

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