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Barefoot Hiking in the East of Berlin

An Experience from Vayu-Institut Berlin

Event Description

In this sensory hike you will tour the picturesque forests of the Berlin East and learn to walk barefeet on different grounds through the forest. You will connect with nature through the earth beneath your feet and experience the forest from a different angle.

The hike starts in the south-east, just outside the gates of the asphalted Berlin, where several paradises for barefoot hiking lie. The length and duration of the routes is between 2-8 km and a hiking time of 2-4 hours, which can vary depending on the mood of the guests and weather conditions. On diverse forest grounds and meadow paths, sand, moss, foliage, dry or wet grass, clay and earth soils you walk serenely through the forest. At a small, crystal-clear stream, the group takes a break and dips their feet in the water. This feeling, to feel all these undergrounds under your soles is wonderfully exhilarating and lets you perceive your surroundings much more intensively. Especially in the second section you notice how you automatically slow down and learn to feel nature. At the end of the hike, you've spent a morning in the forest, trained your mindfulness, sharpened your coordination skills, and strengthened your immune system.

Barefoot Hiking in the East of Berlin

What You should know about the event

  • Feel comfortable

    You can, but of course you don't have to walk the whole route barefoot - do it as you like! We will help you.

  • What shoes to wear?

    You can wear any shoes, but remember to be able to put them on and take them off easily (e.g. flip-flops or sneakers).

  • What to bring and wear?

    Bring a small towel for your feet and wear weather appropriate clothing. Remember to have enough to drink on the way (tea or water).

About the partner

Vayu-Institut Berlin

Vayu-Institut Berlin

The Vayu Institute Berlin (VIBE) offers hatha yoga, forest bathing and barefoot walking for everyone. Just east of Berlin, Vayu practices mindful yoga and conscious walking in the middle of nature. Trained and certificated by the German health insurance system yoga instructors are guiding you with calmness and serenity out of your everyday life so that you can release the tensions of the week. With pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and intelligent movement you will find new strength during your stay in nature.


Friedrichshagen, Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

How to get there?

The meeting point is the S3 station Friedrichshagen.}

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