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Connect with yourself through nature

An Experience from Majka Baur und Arne Drews

Event Description

In this one-day workshop in the idyllic lake district of the Uckermark, you will give yourself space to connect with nature, to be moved by topics that are important to you and to be inspired by the exchange in the group. You will learn a new approach to "get out" of the often distracted everyday life and feel sheltered and connected in nature.

Your day starts with getting to know each other, the introduction to the nature walk approach and positive impulses from the particularities of the current season. The hosts, Majka and Arne, will provide inspiration for an open, connected mindset and help you find a personal direction for the day, which will then be shared with the group. Afterwards, you will head outside, explore and spend 2-5 hours in nature. You will take time to just be there without having to do anything or go anywhere. You listen to questions that move you and let yourself be surprised by the living beings around you. Upon your return, a delicious soup awaits, before stories from the day are shared in the round. Listening, telling and being acknowledged will strengthen you on your way to live in a connection with nature and in your next steps back in everyday life.

Connect with yourself through nature

What You should know about the event

  • What to bring?

    You will spend a lot of time outside, so please bring appropriate clothes, waterproof shoes, something to drink and to sit on.

  • How long is the event?

    We will meet around 10am in the Uckermark and you will return to Berlin in the evening. The exact time depends on the group and the weather.

  • Is food included?

    We will prepare a soup, offer bread and spreads. You are welcome to pack some snacks.

  • What method will be used in the workshop?

    The methods on this day are based on the nature-walk or threshold-walk format used in nature-based process facilitation. These are formats that were practiced by indigenous peoples and adapted to modern times.

About the partner

Majka Baur und Arne Drews

Majka Baur und Arne Drews

We are Majka and Arne, two friends who share many values and passions - one is creating spaces where people can renew and deepen their connection with themselves and their nature. Majka finds, "The unique core within you, is waiting to open to the fullness of life" - this is an image that inspires Majka's work as a coach and host of life-affirming transformational processes. As a consultant for integral organizational development and systemic change, she experiences the embodiment of organic-natural processes as the basis for a new way of being and leading. Majka is a mountain-loving social entrepreneur and environmental scientist with Swiss roots. For Arne, nature is a beloved home space, anchor and teacher. In versatile self-awareness and as an educator, trainer and coach (transformation in natura®), he enthusiastically explores the free play of soul development and nature connection. The latter was thus also his focus in his environmental studies. His heart beats for the unity of freedom and connection and the holistic belonging to the earth and everything that lives on it.


Groß Kölpin, Milmersdorf, Brandenburg, Deutschland

How to get there?

Groß Kölpin is best reached from Berlin via the A11, Pfingstberg exit, then via Stegelitz on to Milmersdorf until Groß Kölpin. Alternatively, you can take the L100, which starts north of Pankow. If you want to arrive by train, you can go to Götschendorf and walk from there in an hour through a beautiful, varied landscape to Groß Kölpin. Alternatively, you can be picked up from Götschendorf or even Templin by car. The latter is easier to reach from Berlin.}

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