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Conscious Connected Breathwork

An Experience from IKEBUNY YOGA + BREATH

Event Description

Breathwork is a dynamic meditation in which a change in your everyday state of consciousness is induced through intensified breathing. Thus the gates of consciousness can expand and many different experiences are possible - feelings of connection, deep personal insights, the release of emotional blockages or just a nice, pleasant feeling of floating. The breathing itself will take an hour and you will be supported by music in your breathing journey. Beforehand we clarify everything you need to know to be able to surrender to your breathing. After breathing, you can land gently with a short integration exercise.
In this experience you are directly in touch with nature around you, as we are breathing in a beautiful, private garden under a tent.

Breathwork can be intense and requires a healthy physical and mental state. With following circumstances it's not recommended: Severe or acute cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, epilepsy, infectious diseases or feverish inflammation, recent injuries, recent surgical wounds, acute schizophrenic psychoses, psychiatric diagnosis of any kind, glaucoma, pregnancy, chronic disease, osteoporosis, cancer disease, anemia.


Photo credits: ©Savannah van der Niet for Cee Cee Creative

Conscious Connected Breathwork

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What You should know about the event

  • Please bring along for your own comfort

    Yogamat or any other underlay, blanket (esp. if you tend to freeze), loose clothing and something to drink.

  • Is this your first time breathing?

    If yes, please read the note to first time breathers. The PDF will be sent to you latest some days before the event.

  • What else?

    Please do not eat anything too heavy at least two hours prior to breathing. The session will start on time given. The garden gate will open 15 min before session start. There is an eco toilet available.

About the Partner



Yoga | Meditation | Breathwork - at exceptionally beautiful places in nature in and around Berlin. IKEBUNY YOGA+BREATH offers open classes & retreats for a joy- & peaceful life in harmony with yourself. In the midst of today's hustle & bustle IKEBUNY is an invitation to stand still for a moment and just be - conscious in Yoga and Breath. Open classes take place in special nature-places in the city, retreats take place in handpicked venues surrounded by idyllic nature in the Berlin surroundings.


Berliner Allee 155, 13088 Berlin, Germany

How to get there?

How to find the place: From Strandbad Weißensee head north until you see a sign "Yoga im Garten". The gate next to it will be open. Please follow the link for the exact coordinates: https://www.google.de/maps/place/52°33'17.4%22N+13°27'58.0%22E/@52.5548296,13.4624954,1014m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d52.5548311!4d13.4661062

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