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Cow Whispering

An Experience from Bio Ranch Zempow

Event Description

In this workshop, you will learn about the nature of herd animals. With cows as our teacher, we can learn more about ourselves and how we communicate. How does our presence affect the herd? How can we use body language to communicate and make ourselves understood? How can we learn to build trust with these powerful animals? What can they teach us about ourselves? How can spending time with a herd of cows help reduce stress? Become closer to nature while learning more about yourself through the lens of cows. This course offers techniques in communication, building trust and reducing stress.
Cow Whispering

What You should know about the event

  • Who Can Participate

    The workshop is designed for anyone over the age of 16

  • Come Prepared

    Make sure to wear weatherproof clothing and sturdy footwear (e.g. hiking boots)

  • Staying Hydrated

    Bring your own drinks or purchase them on site

About the Partner

Bio Ranch Zempow

Bio Ranch Zempow

The Bio Ranch Zempow is a place to experience the nature in the lake and forest-rich borderland of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Different people, companies and associations work together at the Bio Ranch. In organic farming, a seven-year crop rotation is used. The Bio Ranch offers 28 vacation beds in ecological houses and camping.


Birkenallee 12,Wittstock, Brandenburg, Germany

How to get there?

Bio Ranch Zempow, Birkenallee 12, Seminarhaus, 16909 Wittstock/Dosse Some navigation systems list Zempow still under the old postal code 16837 Zempow, but we are part of Wittstock, which is 25 km away. Attention in Wittstock there is a Birkenweg. We are at the Birkenallee! Just enter in Google Bio Ranch Zempow and check the right route.

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