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Forest Bathing with Pranayama

An Experience from Vayu-Institut Berlin

Event Description

Forest bathing, or shinrinyoku, is the Japanese practice of a mindful hike through nature. It includes walking, meditation, yogic breathing and relaxation exercises. You linger, breathe, feel and listen in special places and immerse yourself in the forest with all your senses. Forest bathing serves to reduce stress and relax you physically and mentally. It has a lasting positive effect on you, your everyday life and thus also on your fellow human beings.

This expereine will also include the pranayma, a yogic breathing techniqe to fully take in the benefits of the in the clear, pure and healing forest air. Forest bathing is also silence. During our time together in the forest you should not speak - only listen. The intent is to immerse yourself in nature with all your thoughts and senses and gradually come to yourself and find peace.

Under the protection of our small group you will:

• Cross forest areas, clearings and meadows

• Go barefoot whenever you want

• Meditate in the open air

• Breathe consciously in the tenside-rich forest air

• Dip your feet in a crystal clear stream

• Leave the stress of everyday life behind

• Take breathing exercises with you for your everyday life at home

• Start your new week strengthened, clear and relaxed

Forest Bathing with Pranayama

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What You should know about the event

  • Meeting Point

    Please meet at the S3 station Friedrichshagen on Sunday at 9 a.m.

  • What to Bring

    Please bring shoes that you can easily put on and take off (e.g. flip flops or sneakers) You will need a small towel for your feet and tea or water for yourself. Appropriate clothing depending on the weather.

  • What Else?

    You can, but of course you don't have to, walk barefoot the whole route - do it as you like! We'll help you with that and you don't have to worry about anything else - we'll do the rest for you!

About the Partner

Vayu-Institut Berlin

Vayu-Institut Berlin

The Vayu Institute Berlin (VIBE) offers hatha yoga, forest bathing and barefoot walking for everyone. Just east of Berlin, Vayu practices mindful yoga and conscious walking in the middle of nature. Trained and certificated by the German health insurance system yoga instructors are guiding you with calmness and serenity out of your everyday life so that you can release the tensions of the week. With pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and intelligent movement you will find new strength during your stay in nature.


Friedrichshagen, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

How to get there?

Please meet at the S3 station Friedrichshagen on Sunday at 9 a.m.

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