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Meditation and Creativity Workshop

An Experience from Foresta Collective

Event Description

This workshop invites you to explore mindfulness with all your senses in close connection with the natural environment. In a process of self-discovery, your perception and awareness of the living landscapes near the city will be stimulated and expanded.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your own sensitivity, listen to your surroundings and engage with nature. In the beginning, embodied awareness and movement practices will help you connect with your body and understand it as part of a bigger context. By training your awareness and learning attentiveness, you will walk through the circles of ecological intimacy, build a closer connection to your local environment as part of the group, and engage with the moment. The last part is focused on "thinking art" and "making art." In a creative process designed to spark your imagination, you will find a medium and a creative way to share your stories and experiences with the group. 

Meditation and Creativity Workshop

What You should know about the event

  • What to bring?

    Any kind of graphic material to take notes

  • Stay hydrated

    Don't forget to bring enough water

  • The event place

    The workshops takes place in the Botanical Garden Pankow. The entrance fee is included in the price.

About the partner

Foresta Collective

Foresta Collective

Foresta Collective is a fluid collective of people, places and projects that share an intention, an inquiry, a slow pace unfolding towards the ecological mindset of attentiveness and care. First seeds started growing in Berlin in 2015, now spread across Europe and beyond as a mycelium of resonances. Our work unfurls through collaborations, collective practices and live experiences. The material we sculpt these paths with is alive, held together by the inherent and indissoluble link between human and more-than-human beings.


Blankenfelder Chaussee 5, Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

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