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Herb Foraging

Event Description

In this workshop you will be guided through gathering wild edibles and identifying medicinal plants. You will learn about the importance of being in touch with nature (specifically, the forest), following the seasons, foraging sustainably and consuming wild herbs, as well as discover the positive impact all of these practices have on our health. Following this first part of the session, you will use your hand-picked products for preparing a personalised tonic, these will depend on the plants you find.

Gathering plants from their natural habitats gives us another layer of connection with nature. There is something very grounding and empowering about collecting, preparing, and using plants that grow naturally in our local forests. Like meditation, gathering allows you to be centred and in the moment. But there is something even deeper than this- a magical feeling that comes from the understanding of our symbiotic relationship with nature.

Herb Foraging

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