Top 14 destinations // Things to do near Berlin

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/Posted on 03 Jun 2022
Top 14 destinations // Things to do near Berlin

Experience nature in Berlin-Brandenburg – tips for extraordinary excursions into the countryside

We love Berlin! But as nice as city life is, sometimes it's good to get out. We want to switch off, feel the moment, be in nature. And also explore Berlin-Brandenburg – with its wonderful nature and exciting animal world.

A grass strip or city park is not enough for that. That's why here are 14 very special excursion destinations near Berlin area to relax in the countryside:

Experience the forest

1. Barefoot forest hike
2. Barnimer Dörferweg
3. Beelitz sanatoriums
4. Herb forage in the Plänterwald
5. Forest bathing with pranayama
6. Jungfernheide forest high ropes course

Relaxing by the water

7. Müritz National Park
8. Havelland
9. Oderbruch
10. More swimming lakes

Animal Encounters

11. Cow whispering
12. Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve
13. Mindful hike with horses
14. Döberitz heathland

Experience the forest – we go into the woods

Excursion destinations: Berlin area with beautiful trees

The rustling of the leaves, the scent of earth and wood, the lush green of the trees, delicate bird calls – there's something magical about the forest, isn't it? And it doesn't matter whether it's a long hike, mindful forest bathing or an adventure walk – here we can leave the stress and hectic behind us.

1. Barefoot forest hike – feel the ground under your feet!

Away with the bulky hiking boots! On this very special hike we explore the forests of East Berlin barefoot. Feel the soft moss under your feet, discover exciting textures of nature and let yourself be refreshed by the crystal-clear water. We will walk two to eight kilometers over soft and foot-friendly ground – led by experienced guides. At a relaxed pace, you have plenty of time to explore the area and connect with nature.

2. Barnimer Dörferweg – dreamy, charming, decelerated

33 kilometers of trail for nature lovers – whether on foot or by bike. Discover dreamy landscapes and charming villages far from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle. The mix of beautiful nature and cozy idyll is complemented by worth seeing excursion destinations along the way.

3. Beelitzer sanatoriums – walk on the treetop and time travel path

In the extensive park area you hike on paths up to 23 meters high. In addition to an impressive panoramic view of the landscape, you have the opportunity to travel back in time and learn more about the former sanatorium called “Beelitz-Heilstätten”.

4. Herb Foraging in the Plänterwald – informative, relaxing workshop

There is almost something meditative about collecting wild herbs: you walk through the beautiful Plänterwald and your full focus is on the plant world, with its different shapes and colours. In our workshop you will learn everything you need to know about the search for herbs, local medicinal plants and their effects and processing. Finally, you will prepare your own personal tonic under supervision.

5. Forest bathing with Pranayama – experience mindful moments

The Japanese trend Shinrin Yoku is not without reason very popular with us city dwellers! The experience of nature is further intensified through mindfulness exercises. On this interactive hike, we enjoy moments of deceleration as well as the connection with nature in creative expression. In the process, we head into the special landscape around Friedrichshagen and Müggelspree East of Berlin, dig our feet in cold water and learn the breathing technique of Pranayama to soak up the fresh forest air.

6. Jungfernheide high ropes course – action in the treetops

The 144-hectare forest climbing course is located in the Volkspark Jungfernheide. Here you can let off steam while climbing between beech, birch, oak and robinia trees and test your limits. The courses are between three and 17 meters high and well secured. According to the provider, they only use robinia wood from controlled, sustainable cultivation. A definite plus for us.

Relaxing by the water – the most beautiful lakes and rivers

Day trips: Brandenburg's lake landscapes, fleeces and moors

There is something soothing about lakes and rivers – with the rhythmic lapping of the banks and the glittering reflections of the sun's rays on the surface. A day on the water can feel like a whole short vacation. The only question that remains is: in, on or by the water?

7. Müritz National Park – a must for water addicts and nature lovers

With over a thousand lakes, the Mecklenburg Lake District invites you to enjoy water sports and boat trips. The mix of wide lake landscapes, narrow river bends, green banks and hilly forest areas is a great contrast to the colorful hustle and bustle of the big city. And definitely a good address to explore nature. In 2011, forest parts of the Serrahn protected area were even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8. Havelland – a really beautiful spot on earth

Theodor Fontane already recognized the beauty of the historical landscape in Brandenburg. Today you can relax wonderfully on the numerous rivers on a boat trip. Or you can explore the landscape on foot or by bike on the numerous paths. The seaside resorts of Caputh and Gülper See are particularly beautiful.

9. Oderbruch – green oasis of fields and lakes

There is an oasis of nature on the German-Polish border. The cultural landscape is criss-crossed by rivers – wide fields and small lakes offer the perfect backdrop for hikes or walks. But be careful during or after heavy rainfall: there is a risk of flooding here.

10. More swimming lakes – our top 3 in Berlin-Brandenburg

A dip in the cool water on a hot summer day, followed by a picnic on the shore surrounded by shady trees – sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Here is a small but fine selection of swimming lakes in the area:

Natural swimming area of ​​the Gohlitzsee: While the lake invites you to swim in summer, you can go for a nice walk here and in the nearby forest at any other time of the year.

Grabowsee in the Barnim Nature Park: beautifully situated, surrounded by forest! A bathing trip can be ideally combined with a visit to the former sanatorium.

Liepnitzsee in Berlin's commuter belt: Admittedly a popular destination, but for understandable reasons. The lake is really pretty, deep blue and very clean.

Animal encounters – up close and personal with otter, bison, horse & co.

Excursions: Berlin-Brandenburg's wildlife

Zoo was yesterday – we discover the local animal world in its natural habitat! And if just observing is not enough for you, you can get up close and personal and not only learn a lot about the animal, but also about yourself.

11. Cow whispering – what can we learn from the mighty animals?

Simply observing the gentle herd animals, how they happily graze on the pasture or let the sun shine on their fur, allows us to relieve stress and relax. In this unique workshop you will get very close to the cows and find out what we can learn from the animals about our own communication and body language. An exciting self-awareness that gives you more confidence and calm.

12. Native, rare animals – Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin

The area in the Uckermark impresses with numerous lakes, meadows, forests and vast moorland. On long walks you can also observe rare, native animals, such as e.g. cranes, beavers or otters. We recommend, in addition to a little patience, that you also bring binoculars with you.

13. Mindful walks with horses – self-discovery workshop

A very special experience – where you connect more with yourself and nature. Because horses help us to better connect with our intuition, our emotions and the moment. With every meter you hike, you gain confidence in yourself and the animal and can relax with the rhythmic hoofbeats. It is not without reason that this workshop is one of our most popular. A very special experience awaits you here! Previous knowledge of handling horses is not required.

14. Döberitzer heathland – wild horses in the west of Berlin

In a unique large-scale wilderness project, red deer, bisons and Przewalski's horses were released here. Although they are not native here, they live in the Döberitzer heathland on a large area and are largely independent of human influences. Galloway cattle, various sheep and goat breeds and Konik horses can also be observed in the so-called nature experience ring zone.

Are you looking for further, special nature experiences or unusual destinations?

Tips for trips to Brandenburg and outdoor activities in Berlin

Discover more green activities and local offers – e.g. a morning picking flowers by yourself on the flower farm or a yoga retreat in nature. Here you can book your exclusive nature experiences quickly and easily online!

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