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Forest Bathing Shinrin Yoku

An Experience from tiefgrün Waldbaden

Event Description

FOREST BATHING. SHINRIN YOKU. Just leave everything behind and dive deep into the soothing and calming green of the forest. Forest bathing means time out. Take your time, enjoy the silence and consciously bathe in the unique atmosphere of the forest. Listening to the birds, observing the play of light in the leaves, breathing in the fresh oxygen, enjoying the different scents - taking a deep breath and not having to do anything ("nothing"), that is forest bathing, also called "Shinrin Yoku" in Japan. In a beautiful piece of forest in Summter Forst, we immerse ourselves in the green of the forest for 3 hours and experience deep relaxation. Unlike a walk, there is no goal, it is not about making distance. It is rather about the own perception, the pause, the conscious feeling of the body and the deep connection with nature by means of guided exercises. Forest bathing is suitable for all who have a longing for nature, want to support their health and seek relaxation. The tour takes place in German.

Forest Bathing Shinrin Yoku

What You should know about the event

  • Clothing

    You don't need special outdoor clothing for forest bathing: A long-sleeved shirt, as well as long pants, comfortable shoes, socks. Headgear, such as a cap or hat, is recommended.

  • Food

    Please bring a small water bottle and a snack (apple, cookies).

  • Directions

    If you come by car, you should check the traffic situation beforehand, as there are sometimes road works on the highway.

About the Partner

tiefgrün Waldbaden

tiefgrün Waldbaden

Torsten Haase is a certified forest health trainer. He works as a human resources consultant for the creative industry, is a designer and portfolio coach. His forest bathing enables people to reconnect intensively with nature. The focus of his work is on deceleration, the activation and strengthening of own resources, as well as preventive health care/self-care through the forest.


Fischerweg 7, Mühlenbecker Land, Brandenburg, Deutschland

How to get there?

Meeting point: Parkplatz Summter See • Fischerweg 7 • 16567 Mühlenbecker Land

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