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Herbalism Workshop in Plänterwald

An Experience from Avant Garden Life

Event Description

Could you use some grounding energy in your life right now? Look no further than your local forest!

In this workshop by Avant Garden Life, you’ll explore the importance of being in touch with nature (specifically, the forest), following the seasons, foraging sustainably and consuming wild herbs, as well as discover the positive impact all of these practices have on our health. Afterwards, you’ll learn how to make a personalized herbal tonic to take home.

“Like meditation, gathering allows you to be centred and in the moment. But there is something even deeper than this—a magical feeling that comes from the understanding of our symbiotic relationship with nature,” says the workshop leader, Tash.  


Herbalism Workshop in Plänterwald

What You should know about the event

  • What to Wear

    Good walking shoes and forest clothing (that’s trousers and long sleeves, for example, or anything to keep you warm and protected from ticks and mosquitoes)

  • Staying Hydrated

    Water, preferably in a reusable bottle, and any other provisions you’ll need

  • Bring Something To Collect Your Harvest

    A fabric tote bag or basket and scissors for foraging

About the Partner

Avant Garden Life

Avant Garden Life

Traditionally, humans nourished themselves and the Earth with sustainable, circular, zero-waste practices. Through workshops with Avant Garden Life, you’ll get to experience this traditional way of life, understand our symbiotic relationship with nature and discover ways to use your unique local environment for medicine as well as physical and spiritual nourishment.


Spreepark, Kiehnwerderallee 1-3, 12437 Berlin, Germany

How to get there?

Sbahn Treptow on the park side as you come out of the Sbahn

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