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Nature-Inspired Art Journaling

An Experience from Lea Koch

Event Description

Autumn is the time to let go, when the trees lose their leaves and the surroundings start to turn gold. It is the perfect time of year to let go of the past and prepare for a new beginning.

You will therefore be invited on a mindful walk through Treptower Park. You will focus on your senses and be inspired by the art of letting go. Afterwards, you will be guided through a journaling and painting session with the gained mindfulness and access to your senses.

You will work with the colors of autumn and creatively put on paper what you want to let go of. This is less about drawing properly and more about listening to your intuition. In this way, you can put what you are feeling on paper in abstract form.

No drawing skills are necessary to take part in this workshop. After the walk, we will sit down in a café for the journaling and creative painting session.

Nature-Inspired Art Journaling

What You should know about the event

  • Warm clothes

    You should wrap up warm enough for the walk in Treptower Park.

  • Writing & coloring pads

    Please bring a journal/pad for writing and drawing. If necessary, we also have some sheets that we will hand out.

  • Pencils for painting

    You will use colored pencils/watercolors, so there is no risk of getting your clothes dirty.

  • Safe Space

    This workshop is intended to be a safe space for every emotion and feeling. Therefore, an open approach and understanding of the topic of intuition/emotional world is recommended.

  • Stop at the Café

    If you like, bring some money with you for a coffee, tea or a piece of cake in the café.

About the Partner

Lea Koch

Lea Koch

Lea is an abstract artist who combines intuitive painting and body-oriented coaching. Her works are not only aesthetic experiences but also create a profound connection between emotions and the physical experience. Her abstract compositions are created through intuitive impulses that evoke a unique emotional resonance. In doing so, she integrates body-oriented coaching to create a holistic experience. In this way, she goes beyond the visual and opens up a space for self-reflection and personal development. In her works, artistic expression and individual development merge into a unique symbiosis.


12435 Berlin, Germany

How to get there?

We meet at the Treptower Park S-Bahn station at the park entrance near the bike stand.

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