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New Moon Herb Foraging in Brandenburg

Event Description

During this workshop, you will be guided through gathering wild edibles and identifying medicinal plants in the forests of Strausberg (Brandenburg). We will discuss the importance of following the seasons, been in touch with nature, sustainable foraging practices, eating wild foods and the impact these have on our health. Following this first part of our session, you will be guided on how to prepare a personalised tonic.

Learning about plants in their natural habitats gives us another layer of connection with nature. There is something very grounding and empowering about connecting with the plants that grow naturally around us. Like meditation, forming deeper connections with the plants allows you to be centred and in the moment. But there is something even deeper than this- a magical feeling that comes from the understanding of our symbiotic relationship with nature.

New Moon Herb Foraging in Brandenburg

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What You should know about the event

  • What To Bring

    Good walking shoes (we will be in a forest), a fabric tote bag/basket, scissors, water, forest clothes - weather requiring, as the workshop is held outside keep in mind that it can be cooler than in the city and please cover up due to ticks and mosquitoes!

About the Partner

Avant Garden Life

Avant Garden Life

Traditionally, humans nourished themselves and the Earth with sustainable, circular, zero-waste practices. Through workshops with Avant Garden Life, you’ll get to experience this traditional way of life, understand our symbiotic relationship with nature and discover ways to use your unique local environment for medicine as well as physical and spiritual nourishment.


Strausberg, Brandenburg, Germany

How to get there?

You can catch the S5 to Strausberg Nord (last station). Tash will pick you up from the station at 12pm.


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