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SUP x YOGA: Half-Day Retreat on the Water

An Experience from IKEBUNY YOGA + BREATH

Event Description

In this 3 hour Stand-Up-Paddling tour we will enjoy the nature around Langen See from the waterside as we paddle along the river in search of the most idyllic spot for a soothing yin yoga break on the SUP Board.

The tour starts at Strandbad Wendenschloß with a short check-in and instruction before getting in the the water with our SUP boards. We will be active and paddling for about 40 minutes. While you slowly making your way through the water, you can enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

Together we will be looking for the most suitable spot for a 90 min Yin Yoga practice. Yin Yoga is a quiet, passive style of yoga in which postures are held for 3-5 min and muscles stay as relaxed as possible. Yin Yoga is not achievement or performance oriented, instead the practice helps us bringing awareness to the body sensations and retreating from the outside into the inside. This way the practice guides us into deep connection with ourselves, whereas it also will be directed towards feeling and strengthening the connection to the beautiful nature around us. 

We will be completely relaxed, well-centered and aligend as we paddle back for about 40 minutes to our initial starting point.

SUP x YOGA: Half-Day Retreat on the Water

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What You should know about the event

  • Hot weather

    It can get very hot on the water. Remember sunscreen and try to avoid dark/black (swim) clothes.

  • Cold weather

    If it is cold, please dress warmly according to the weather (sweater, something on your neck, a cap to protect your ears if necessary) and bring a rain jacket if necessary. This way we can safely deal with minor precipitation. Only if it is really storming and/or pouring down rain, we have to cancel the event.

  • How to find us

    You can get to Strandbad Wendenschloß via streetcar 62 or ferry F12. We will get our boards from the SUP rental Spreedrop (located at the Strandbad).

  • Costs

    The rental fee for the SUP board is already included in the price.

About the Partner



Yoga | Meditation | Breathwork - at exceptionally beautiful places in nature in and around Berlin. IKEBUNY YOGA+BREATH offers open classes & retreats for a joy- & peaceful life in harmony with yourself. In the midst of today's hustle & bustle IKEBUNY is an invitation to stand still for a moment and just be - conscious in Yoga and Breath. Open classes take place in special nature-places in the city, retreats take place in handpicked venues surrounded by idyllic nature in the Berlin surroundings.


Möllhausenufer 30, Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

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