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Mindful Hike with Horses

An Experience from Hilcoaching

Event Description

Learn more about yourself through an interactive hike with horses. This unique experience uses the assistance of horses and nature to help you to connect and reflect. 

You will learn to open up, use the right body language and bring out your true self to choose the right horse and be able to guide it throughout the hike. Horses help us connect to our intuition and emotions better. They remind us to be present, and offer us a mirror to ourselves in the moment. During the workshop you will build trust, release mental stress and establish strength as you hike through the wider forests of Ruppiner Schweiz between Neuruppin and Rheinsberg.

The workshop starts with a short introduction to each other, the horses and the day's agenda, followed by group hike with the horses that is designed to facilitate a journey inward to strengthen our resilience and mindfulness. On the hike you will feel yourself open up to anything on your mind, life's stressors and anything else that occupies your thoughts. Each person will have a therapy horse to support and help reflect, while also having the guidance of a somatic coach throughout the experience. The workshop concludes with a stop at the Café Lindow, where you can enjoy a cinnamon bun and coffee/tea that are included. 

This workshop is good for anyone who wants to discover a new space in their lives and connect deeper with themselves. Everyone is welcome to participate. There is no experience with horses is required. 

Mindful Hike with Horses

What You should know about the event

  • Come Prepared

    Please wear sturdy shoes, gloves if necessary, weatherproof clothing, and no perfume.

  • Respecting the Horses

    In this work, horses are not farm animals, and are treated with the same respect and consideration as our fellow humans.

  • Interacting with the Horses

    We do not ride the horses, but lead them from the ground. These sensitive animals invite us to share their space with us for a different dynamic with them than traditionally experienced.

  • Everyone is Welcome

    Horses do not discriminate or judge - whoever you are, you are welcome.

About the Partner



Hilcoaching offers horse inspired life coaching and a meeting place for people who want to find peace. In a sensitive and protected setting, we interact with horses to open the space to one's own inner self and resources. In the long term this can have a strong impact on your everyday life. Walking in nature with horses is one method we use as a first encounter with horses. This encounter alone is a profound experience.


Arthur-Fleury-Straße 48B, 16835 Lindow (Mark), Germany

How to get there?

Arthur-Fleury-Strasse 48b 16835 Lindow Meeting point at the circus wagon Connections over e.g. station Gransee, Neuruppin. or at best Lindow directly. An interesting connection goes also via Löwenberg/Mark, from there a beautiful bicycle route leads also to Lindow. Often carpools arise on the return trip.

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