Outdoor yoga in Berlin // relaxation in nature

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/Posted on 23 Sep 2022
Outdoor yoga in Berlin // relaxation in nature

Outdoor Yoga in Berlin // relaxation in nature

Practical tips, great places & exclusive offers for yoga in the nature of Berlin

Your body is in the flow of movement. A light breeze blows through your hair. You smell the earthy air. And feel the soft forest floor under your feet. Yoga in nature can feel like a short vacation.

And to ensure that outdoor yoga is really relaxing, here are a few tips on how to prepare and great, exclusive offers in Berlin.


1. Benefits of outdoor yoga

2. What is to be considered?

a. The ideal place for outdoor yoga

b. Yoga mat, outfit & Co. for outdoors

3. Yoga in the nature of Berlin

a. Suitable places in the capital

b. Exclusive: retreat & SUP yoga

Benefits of outdoor yoga

Why doing yoga outside is particularly good

Yoga in nature is healing for body, mind and soul. The list of benefits of being active in nature is long:

  • yoga outdoors strengthens the immune system
  • nature has a calming effect on us
  • the change of location helps to break through everyday routines
  • the sun's rays fill your vitamin D stores
  • outdoors there is less risk of contracting diseases such as Covid than in closed rooms

Why yoga in the forest has a particularly positive effect

Exercise in the forest or surrounded by trees has a particularly positive impact on our body. This is partly due to the terpenes. These are ethereal-enriched fragrances produced by plants to protect themselves from pests. They also strengthen our immune system. So off to the forest and take a deep breath.

Extra tip: Speaking of breathing in, do you already know our special: Breathwork at Weißensee?

On the other hand, studies have shown that spending time in the forest lowers our blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. You can read more about this in our article about forest bathing.

For more connection to nature

You hear the chirping of the birds, feel the breeze, balance on the soft forest floor – and feel very close to Mother Nature. Yoga outdoors has a particularly grounding and nature-connecting effect.

Shades of green everywhere! – a small digression on color psychology

Green is the color of nature. Outdoors we find it everywhere and in all gradations. So it's no wonder that the green alone has a calming effect on our bodies. We associate the natural with this shade, it brings us hope, makes us content – ​​simply happy.

What should be considered when doing yoga in the fresh air?

The ideal place for yoga outside

Mat under your arm and just go? A bit of preparation is worthwhile here so that you can really enjoy your outdoor yoga session. Starting with choosing the right location...

Of course, there is no such thing as “the” ideal place. It depends on your preferences and practical circumstances such as the nature of the ground and the distance to where you live.

But let's start with the latter: Your desired location should be not too far away from your home. If you want to go there regularly, a long journey or a long walk can prevent you from implementing your plan.

Yoga in the park

So popular that there are now groups that regularly get together. But a yoga session in the park can also be a blessing on your own. Note here that you choose a quiet place. A busy street or a lively game of frisbee over your head will only distract you.

A place under a tree that protects you from wind and direct sun is ideal. But be careful with rooty soil! Before you roll out your mat, you should find a flat surface without a lot of roots or other disruptive factors such as branches.

Extra tip: If you are sensitive to noise, headphones will help isolate you from the noise of the urban jungle. (Unfortunately, you also have to do without the bird concert. Just see what is particularly important to you and what is practical at the same time.)

Forest yoga

Soft forest floor, soothing scents, protective trees – for many, the forest is the perfect place for a yoga session. Here, you should pay attention to the condition of the soil too and, if necessary, remove cones and acorns.

Extra tip: Forest fans will find more exciting information about the power of the forest and the popular natural trend Shinrin Yoku here.

Outdoor yoga by the water

Or even on the water? SUP yoga is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to great views of the lake, river or sea, this form offers advanced Yog:inis the opportunity to surpass themselves. Because on the stand-up paddle board, particularly good balance skills are required.

And the sandy soil is also not for beginners. If you still want to try it, you should start with simple exercises or asanas.

Note that it is often windier close to the water. Hair, yoga mat, sand – there is a lot going on here. An extra hair band and something to weigh down the mat helps.

Perfectly equipped: yoga mat, outfit & co.

Which yoga mat is suitable for outdoors?

It should be as thick as possible, a little firmer and wipeable. Ideally, you have an outdoor mat that you only use outside. (Make sure to always put the same side on the floor.) Then your studio mat can wait undamaged at home for the next indoor use.

The ideal outdoor yoga outfit

Here, too, robustness scores. Choose firm, dark fabrics that will forgive you a few grass stains.

So that you do not freeze during the final meditation, thick socks, jacket and blanket protect you against the cold that can come from the ground or gusts of wind.

Anything else that might be helpful

In addition to a mat, outfit and, if necessary, tools, you can also pack the following:

  • suncream
  • insect repellent
  • water and food if necessary
  • shoes for rough terrain
  • mobile phone just in case (do not forget to switch it to silent)

Outdoor yoga spaces in Berlin

Locations & exclusive offers for yoga outside

On your own

If you are traveling alone, here are a few interesting places in the capital for you:

  • Treptow Park
  • Tempelhofer Feld
  • Grunewald
  • Spandauer Forst
  • Park Gleisdreieck
  • Müggelsee
  • Stienitzsee
  • Green spaces nearby the Spree

Group outdoor yoga

Many yoga studios offer yoga outside during the warm months. Just ask at a studio of your choice. In addition to offerings in your own garden and on rooftops, some yoga teachers offer classes in the park. And also independently of studios, yogi:nis meet in small groups for an outdoor session in the park.

Exclusive: SUP X Yoga on the Dahme River

Yin yoga meets stand-up paddling. This form of yoga involves gentle movements that are only held for a few minutes. You concentrate on your balance and the element of water. A magical moment of mindfulness where you can really switch off.

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Exclusive: Urban Yoga Retreat in Berlin's nature

You don't necessarily have to travel far to have the enriching experience of a yoga retreat. We invite you to spend half a day relaxing and connecting with nature in Treptower Park. Under professional guidance you dive into the world of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. To let go, pause and recharge your batteries with the power of nature.

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More great offers for relaxation in the nature of Berlin:

  • Breathwork at Weissensee
  • Forest bathing in the Summter Forst
  • Connection to nature in the Murellen Gorge